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Your hosts, Tony Brodeur and Jason Klonowski, welcome you with good old-fashioned Mustang hospitality that you've come to know.

Stop in and say "hello" when on the Island as we would love to meet you and make your experience at the Mustand Lounge a memorable one!

Not only is the Mustang Lounge a great place to eat and enjoy drinks with family and friends, but it is also known for great entertainment and night life! 


This structure is one of the very oldest on Mackinac Island.  It is believed that, in addition, this is the oldest building in the State of Michigan to house a tavern and restaurant that is currently operational.  The interior log walls you see all around you are original and probably date back to the 1780s, a half century before Michigan was even a state.

It is believed the building was originally a rowhouse or the warehouse of a fur trader.  It may have been moved to this site after its original construction.  It was first used as a place of refreshment in the 1940s.  The operator was a Mr. Thibodeaux and his clientele was almost exclusively comprised of black employees of the Grand Hotel who found the place a much-needed social outlet.  It was widely rumored that the upstairs was used for much more than offices and storage.

In the late 1940s or early 1950s the tavern was taken over by Wash Hardy, a respected retired black Detroit police officer.  Hardy’s “Eight Ball” bar operated, still with virtually an all-black clientele, until it was purchased in the late-1960s by Cheboygan Ford dealer Floyd (“Butch”) Walters and his salesman Louie (“The Thief”) Deroshia.  Hardy’s “Eight Ball” was renamed “Mustang Lounge”, a bow by the new owners to both the Island’s horse tradition and the then-popular automobile Walters and Deroshia were selling out of their Cheboygan dealership.

In 1972, Walters and Deroshia sold the Mustang to Dennis Brodeur, a popular local businessman and World War II naval air pilot who for years after the war carried the Island’s winter mail, landing his single engine plane on ice in the downtown harbor.  The Mustang soon became the Island’s winter-time social, cultural, and business hub.  When Brodeur prepared to retire in 2007 after 35 years at the Mustang, he sold the business to his grandson Tony and his friend Jason Klonowski, both Mustang bartenders in their college days.

In the winter of 2007-08, the building was expanded and almost totally re-built, using a steel framework and the historic logs you see.  The “new” Mustang opened for business in May 2008, and became the informal home of Mackinac Island’s American Legion Post 299. Welcome!

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